OneDrop Media


The limited personal information collected by One Drop Media LLC is intended for and will be used solely for demographic analysis of the viewership and listenership of and to the material we present on our platform. Specifically, we collect data related to age range, gender, general geographic location and product preferences. This information is requested purely for analytics and feedback to guide the development and targeting of streamed material and to utilize such analyses to improve viewer experience. The information is not made available and will never be made available to persons or entities that are not connected to One Drop Media LLC directly and/or in relation to the content presented on its platform.

The statements made in the said declaration at any time represents the current and applicable practice. Any change or changes to the practice will be clearly stated, as and when such change or changes is/are made, so that users of the platform may be aware of and will be updated on such change or changes.

You may submit all inquiries here for any questions on our privacy practice or any further elaboration thereon.

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